Well, not strictly true, I’ve moved, but in my usual technical savvy way I’ve completely failed to co-ordinate this in a seamless way.

 I did think I could transfer my blog subscribers to the new site but it seems not!!

Therefore could I please ask a favour…

Can you go to the new site

Fill in your email details and click ‘join the list’. Then when Mail chimp email you back, confirm subscription. If you don’t get an email check your junk mail as it will be in there.

If some of you have already done this after being asked on Facebook I’m SO SORRY, but once this is sorted out you won’t hear from me again… till the next blog.

If you missed the last post it is here…

The one with the celebrity chef, the art collector and the mad irish man.

High functioning sociopaths seem to be a theme these days…maybe my next post should be about Sherlock 🙂