My neighbour asked about the creativity course.  “Oh” she said, her brow furrowing “I thought it would involve things like decorating cupcakes”.

A popular misconception about creativity is that it’s something you do in your spare time as a hobby, or after you have retired from ‘real work’.

There are two things wrong with this.

1. That it’s a ‘doing’ thing rather than a ‘thinking’ thing.

2. That it’s an indulgence rather than a necessity.

In the modern age, we’ve become obsessed with productivity.  “What do you do?” is often the first question we ask people to establish some form of connection/conversation. Just as “Did you do anything nice at the weekend?” Is usually the first question people ask on a Monday morning.

We do earnest things all week then we reward ourselves with more pleasant but equally productive doings at the weekend.

In this scenario, creativity is an exalted form of doing. When in reality it is an exalted form of thinking.

The difference between humans and animals is that humans can imagine new things. Animals can only see what is already here. Their behaviour is entirely predicated on what has happened in the past.

Evolution endowed humans with a creative spirit.  But many humans haven’t yet realised that consciousness has moved on, so they live a fear filled existence about ‘what might happen’.

Some super smart humans have capitalised on this fear and risen to the top of the food chain. They have domesticated the animals by feeding them – fast food, the Daily Mail and car crash TV.

Only a wake up call to the creative spirit can change this reality.

The super smart humans of the past, knew this so they came up with a cunning plan.  They took the word Spirit and turned it into Spiritual. Then they turned spirituality into religion. No more threats. They knew that when the “wake up call” happened the people would be even more docile, accepting a reality that was imposed upon them for the deferred gratification of an eternity in heaven.

But what if the word Spirit had been turned into Spirited?

A spirited child is usually seen as a naughty child, one that needs containing, or disciplining. Usually it just means they have a lot of energy – some of which can’t be handled by the humans who just want them to fit in – to be a good boy/girl.

But what if God didn’t care whether people were good or bad. What if God merely wanted them to be spirited.

The definition of “Spirited” is… Full of energy, enthusiasm and determination.

What could we collectively generate if we had that running through our veins? What world problems could we solve? What new realities could we create?

A cup cake?