BEing creative is about noticing things.

Mindfulness people call it ‘awareness’. Carl Jung called it ‘synchronicity’.


Two things are happening currently.

1. Nelson Mandela is dying

2. Russell Brand is eating people alive

Let’s take the first thing…

Of course we’re all dying by various degrees. Some people who look alive are pretty much dead, they just haven’t fallen over yet. In other words the part of them that experiences joy (their creative spirit) has decided there is very little going on, so has left to go walkabout.

You can see it in their eyes. Nobody home.

Nelson Mandela is an old man. He was a magnificent one. But he’s done his gig and he’s probably ready to leave the stage. I should imagine he’s planning to re-incarnate on a more evolved planet next time. Let’s face it, he’s more than paid his dues on this one.

But of course ‘we’ won’t let him leave. An army of Doctors is trying to keep him alive, because he’s become an ICON, a savior – and we’re desperate for icons these days.

The man is 94. When he finally does defeat the doctors and take his place in the cosmos there will be an outpouring of grief and calls to deify him. We will say it is to ‘honour’ him. But he’s gone. He won’t care. The honouring will be all about us…

Our guilt for not paying attention when he was alive and doing something about the injustice he endured.

Our need to align ourselves with his values and thereby gain a little goodness by association.

Our love of emoting in a safe context.

We didn’t know the man personally so it just means we can get to feel something from a safe distance.

And now the second…

Russell Brand likes to live on the cutting edge of higher consciousness. A merge of yoga and improvisation. He doesn’t always get it right, but when he does he approaches true genius.

There are of course many paths to higher consciousness as we are made up of a trilogy of mind, body and spirit.

Traditional religions are all about the spirit. Control your body (sexuality is bad). This had some dreadful consequences (pedophilia and misogyny ). To serve this agenda they eliminated all women, except virgins, from the Bible and turned Mary Magdalen into a prostitute (the Vatican have since apologized – they just needed an ICON of repentance and they didn’t think anyone would check.). Oh and they made Jesus a celibate for good measure.

New Age religions are all about the mind. Control your thoughts (and you become the conscious creator of your reality. But God forbid you have an EMOTION – then your only options are to duck or run for cover. Judging by the sales on Amazon there are a lot of people trying to reach heaven through the book-case. Note this is not Narnia people.

Then there are the Alchemists who experience true creativity – bringing together the three elements into a trinity of power.

Sexual and creative energy are after all the same thing – the energy of life itself.

In lower conscious life forms creative expression is limited to procreative sex and killing things that might eat you.

In higher consciousness the sex becomes cosmic and there is no death. (Nelson knows this already).

Watching Russell Brand reduce a lower conscious TV anchor woman into an incoherent teenager was an exercise in creative sexual mastery.

You can see it in his eyes. There’s something bigger than he is there.

He kills me… but in a good way.

Oh and he managed to talk about ICONS too.